Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My creative space

I finally started on the last set of patchwork woolen curtains...

I also made a skirt, hoping to enter it into the Skirt Week 2011 challenge, you can check out the flickr pool here. I've been entering all sorts of challenges and sew alongs this year, it's fun and challenging. So far none of my little projects got any mention or notice, but hey, I still get to wear the stuff at the end of the day! My wardrobe is slowly filling up with my own creations, which I quite like, and I'm hoping to use a few of the patterns I come up with to make clothing for my Etsy shop. Wish me luck!

As for the skirt itself, I'm pretty happy with it, although I can't say blue rocks my world. It's made from a wool/ cashmere blend I found at Global fabrics in Wellington last year, and it being a fabric scrap, there was just enough to make this skirt. The fabric is super soft and I figured it'd be prefect for winter... Blue is slowly overtaking my wardrobe, maybe it is the new me??? I used the same concept I developed with the pants I made, that is an adjustable waist, held on by a (beautiful? funky?) tie. I'm really into complementary colors at the moment, and the dash of orange lifts the dress up a bit. I used another piece of scrap fabric and some vintage lace to make the pockets, added some orange hearts (cut out from the scrap wool used to make the above mentioned curtains), just to give the skirt a bit more funk and personality. Finally, I used a piece of japanese looking scrap fabric from a pillow case (I'd already used it to make something else) for the inside casing and the side where the tie is tied.

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  1. Love the skirt and just can't wait to check out your curtains!

  2. Can't wait to see your curtains...oh and goodluck with the shop

  3. Good luck with your Etsy shop - I think your skirt is lovely and how great to be filling your wardrobe with wonderful things!

  4. Love. Love. Love the skirt. Looks great!!

  5. That's a great thevlace detail on the pocket.....good luck with your shop...