Tuesday, June 21, 2011


At last! I've finally finished the last set of patchwork woolen curtains, they're hanging above the window and we now have a very cool looking patchwork of woolen blankets that takes up a whole wall. Phew.

I wasn't too sure about the color combination on this one, I just used whatever I had lying around and though it would look uglier than the other two sets, but it turned out alright and after a few days staring at it, I've come to think it's actually my favorite one. It's also the tidiest one, probably because I pinned the squares before sewing them AND used a sewing guide, very handy tool that came with my machine. Goes to show I really ought to go the extra length and actually put more time into getting things ready for sewing beforehand!


  1. these curtains are really cool! You've done a good job!

  2. THanks! I'm no quilter but I can see how people get hooked!