Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My creative space

I'm quickly writing this post before Tahi wakes up and our day starts and I only have time to breathe. Thursday is one of our "busy" days (like Monday and Wednesday), where we go to swimming lessons in the morning then stay out and either go to the kiddy gym or go op-shopping (Tahi loves it!). Most of our belongings is either handmade or from op shops, so often he will say "get bread at op shop" if he's hungry or declare that any item he is holding in his hand is "op shop" (and he is often right).
What have I been up to, doesn't feel like much but still haven't got round to updating my shop...
A new upcycled sleeping bag vest:

Two of our 4 windows now have woolen blanket curtains:

A couple of girlfriends came on tuesday to do some screen printing, I mass printed this little owl, that I am going to be sewing on the little pouches that come with every item I sell:

And finally my secret project... a gift for my best friend who is getting married on the 12th in Germany. I won't be able to attend and it makes me really sad, I am going to send this to her (hopefully it'll get there before the wedding) to be there in spirit and craft:


  1. wow what wonderful crafting inpiration!

  2. Fantastic creative space. Loving the blanket curtains and the sleeping bag vest and the owls are gorgeous!