Saturday, June 5, 2010

Our new bathtub

Yes, and guess who's living in it?
Tiger Worms!
My friend Lisa, who was also the initiator for my sourdough craze, dropped off the bathtub and its residents yesterday and I am not ashamed to say it made my day.
I had been thinking about it for a while, and have been scanning the Eastland Trader (our local weekly trade and exchange ) for months looking for a free bathtub. unfortunately someone was always faster than me (probably queued in front of the dairy to buy it right on opening time). Lisa and her partner Roger had been looking for one too and scored two (and there were 3 more in the lady's backyard! You never have enough bathtubs...). Ours had previously been used as an outdoor bath/spa, which sounded very tempting. Next bathtub.
So the worms are nice and cozy in their new home, I am hoping I won't kill them straight away and that they will live happy, have lots of baby worms and do lots of poos. And hopefully the dog won't be tempted to stick his nose in there.
I am gradually getting the garden ready for winter, planted a whole lot of garlic on Tuesday, cleared some of the summer crops (some are still going, like our amazing courgette pants) and applied compost to the areas where broccoli, cabbage, swedes and onions are going to go. This is so much fun, watching things grow and getting to eat them, it's so satisfying.
Today's market went well, we were in a sunny spot all day, lots of people strolled through and we even got to try some Zumba ( I was wearing stockings which now have holes under the feet).


  1. I love the treasures in your shop!

  2. Oooh -- I am jealous. We were just looking at worm farms this weekend. You scored!

    ps I've also just featured your merino sleep gown in my Felt showcase on my blog/Facebook. SO beautiful.

  3. lovely! i'd love to have a backdoor wormfarm!