Monday, June 21, 2010

mini art journal challenge: week 12

This week's prompt: "I believe".
So, being an optimistic (most of the time anyway!), I like to believe in a lot of things.
I remember when I was a kid, I wanted a cat so badly, for six months (maybe more) that is all I'd wish for. I'd even made one of those special wish bracelets and wore it so when it would wear out I could wish for a cat (it took ages, at some stage I was ready to give it a hand by filing it a bit). Well, it happened. We were traveling in Guadeloupe, in the French West indies, and in the street waiting for a bus, there was this cute friendly tortoise kitten . My brother and I started playing with it and patting it. The owner turned up and told us if we wanted to we could keep it. I was over the moon! We took it back to France, hidden in a bag on the plane (at the time it was an easy thing to do). Unfortunately it disappeared  a few months later, probably snatched by someone since it was so friendly and cute.
Yes, that's how much I like to believe.
My greatest belief though would have to be "the little things": thoughts, attention, goals... I don't like to be told when to tell someone I love them (like mother's day, valentine's days, father's day), the only one i stick to is birthdays, and even then, I'm useless at remembering them. For me, you show love whenever you feel like, and I tend to buy something as a present for someone if I see something that reminds me of them, not just a few weeks before xmas (which is great to avoid xmas rush). I chose to stay at home with my son because I believe what is important is our little routine everyday, my presence, a little walk on the beach, a little story when we wake up, a little kiss whenever I feel like it. And I have a strong belief that anyone can help shape a better planet, little by little. By watching what we buy, having a compost in the garden, recycling what we can (Fresh cream bottles with a few holes at the bottom make great bubbles in the bath water!), even just thinking about what we can do to reduce our impact. When I decided to start pioupioukids, I wanted to follow the same philosophy and produce as little waste as I can, be conscious about where I buy my supplies. So far I'm more than happy with what I've managed, even if I'll never make millions. But I am so much happier doing this than earning big bucks in the film industry. It is possible, it is worth doing a little something, it makes a difference.

Background is a picture taken from a magazine (water drops), letters cut out from a picture of a poster, the colorful flower is taken from Tahi's wall decoration!

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