Saturday, June 19, 2010

I can see you!

After a few months of not getting it right, I finally managed to track my blog on google analytics. So now I can see who visits me and when. It's not essential but it's nice to see what traffic I get. I wish it also told me what people like/dislike about it!
Tahi got bitten just under his eye a couple of days ago, he looked like he'd been badly beaten up. Last week the same thing happened on his left ear, we freaked out thinking it was a really bad ear infection (on Queen's birthday!). He looked like a prop with a very red cauliflower ear.
The local mosquitoes (or whatever it is that bit him) must be feeding on something new...


  1. Poor thing. Hope he is better soon. My daughter's face does that sometimes but it's an allergic reaction (we haven't figured out to what yet!) She gets it when she has been playing outside. It's happened 3 times now. Very odd!

  2. Oh your poor little boy. My eldest reacts the same to mosquito bites (and ant bites here in Oz). Fortunately, as she is getting a bit older the reactions seem less severe (she's almost 9)