Monday, June 28, 2010

mini art journal challenge: week 13

This week's prompt: "What's on your mind".
I won't go into detail, but our Sunday kind of dictated this one... We headed up the coast to visit some friends' farm and drop off Josh's homemade trailer house he made with stuff he recycled from everywhere. Half way there the trailer lost its wheel, Josh fixed it, then 15mn later it lost it again. We ended up abandoning it in a corn field, driving up to meet our friends and spending the afternoon there (after a 3 hour trip that should only have been half that!) then driving back down to Gisborne, with a stop at a hot pool. We stopped at the corn field so that Josh could load the trailer part of the thing onto the roof to take it home and fix it, stopped at a local fish'n'chip shop for some improvised dinner. By the time we got home I was feeling so exhausted (even though Josh was the one who did all the physical work!) I just had one thing on my mind: sleep!
So I made the card in a semi conscious state, and it reminds me of our little adventure... but I do have some little secret on my mind I'm not ready to share, so I "hid" it in the card as well, hehehe, let's see if someone will guess.

The whole card is a collage made using magazine cut outs. I cut the moon out of a zebra, can you tell!

Check out Em's blog for all the challenges (along with photos of the cards she made), you could be tempted! I'm personally loving it, although it would have been nice to have other people doing it at the same time as well.

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