Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Better, faster

I'm feeling a bit frustrated. Our internet is limited to 1G which I think we go over pretty quick, and past that point it slows down and whenever I try to browse some blogs it crashes. Therefore I am a bit limited in the amount of blogs I look at and the comments. So now I am dreaming of an unlimited access... because I want more!
Winter has definitely set in here, this morning it was 7ยบ, pre-fire. Brrrr... Makes me want to build our own house, a nice, WARM and cozy house. We have been dreaming about buying land a building an earthship, if you've never heard of it, go and check out the link. They may look a bit unconventional, some would mumble it's another tree hugger, hippie craze, but we believe they are the way of the future. In the same vein, strawbale houses make a lot of sense too. Save on power, medical bills, maybe even be off the grid and, of, best of all, self sufficient!

Also check out the eartship.com website. I also found out there's also a New Zealand one!

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  1. i'll check it out: i'm forever talking about my compostable toilet in our next house, hubby is warming to the idea...xx
    ps. its minus one here, freezing!!