Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hair donation

Some of you might have noticed I have changed... yes, I finally cut my hair after over two years, I was really dying for a change. My relationship with hairdressers has never been that great, how many times have I walked out wanting to cry because I hated my hair style but just couldn't bring myself to complain.
I was reading in a magazine recently that our hair in an expression of our deeper self and personality, which is why so many women find it essential to 1- have a hairstyle they are happy with 2- get on well with their hairdresser. It a touchy subject... It took me years to "find myself" hair wise, and have the courage to front up with a hairdresser if I felt my cut wasn't what I expected.
One of the reasons I waited so long to get my hair cut this time round is that I didn't know if I could trust any hairdresser in Gisborne. Then I met a friend who had just had a cut, and she looked good (and happy about it), so I just had to ask her who she went to see. And then I went, and I didn't feel like crying when I walked out.

My hair was so long (16" long at its longest), I thought I ought to find a good use for it, so I looked online for a place that could use it to make wigs for cancer patients. There is no such place in New Zealand (at least not by Google standards), but there is a place called Freedom Wigs that makes wigs out of real hair for women with alopecia or other medical conditions that cause hair loss. So that's where I sent my ponytail. And hopefully it will be of use!

The hairdresser was very nervous when I asked him to cut it all in one go!

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