Sunday, June 5, 2011

Make your own: kids' drawing table

A couple of years ago I flew back to France with Tahi to visit family and friends. We stayed with some good friends of mine who had just moved from Paris to Bordeaux with their little girl. Living in small confined spaces can be challenging when you've got one or more active toddlers! My friend had this great idea of covering her coffee table with drawing paper so that her daughter could have fun drawing without having to worry about making a mess. As soon as I got home I set to doing the same.

I bought a roll of brown craft paper, but you can do the same with white or any colored paper. I used some double sided tape to stick the paper onto the table. First stick the tape along the edge of all four sides of the table, then peel the plastic protection off.

 Line your paper with one edge, then roll it out, flattening it as you go so it sticks to the tape with minimal creases.

If your roll of paper doesn't cover the whole length, stick some tape on the edge of the paper you've just laid down and peel off the plastic protection, then proceed to cover the remaining space of your coffee table following the edge of the first strip of paper.

Trim the edges with a pair of scissors. Get some pencils out and have fun!

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