Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's all about me

I've been making a few things for myself lately, so I feel a bit spoilt and I'm happy to be changing my wardrobe (and we had a clothes swap last week end!). I made my first pair of pants, using one of my old pairs as a guide. A few details here and there need to be altered (next pair) but hey, they fit!

I also refashioned a black tunic I got given, by adding some funky orange 70s fabric. This one is going to my shop though, since I can't breastfeed with this kind of top, and I might be breastfeeding for a while if Tahi's anything to go by (he self weaned just short of 3 years old).
Tunic refashion: before

Tunic refashion: After
I've also been upcycling some tee shirts and woolen tops, respectively into a hoodie (for a friend) and a winter dress (in my shop).

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