Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My creative space

It's been a full on week, I'm not too sure why. I feel like I've literally been running after time.
I've got a cold, the kids had it too (and it looks like they've both got chickenpox), it's been cold, wet...
So I've still got a lot of projects on the go and not many photos so far.
I did manage to make a market bag out of a big plastic woven grain bag. We order our organic flour (among many other organic products) in bulk. It's great, cheaper, less packaging and most of the packaging we get gets re-used some way or another. I've been wanting to make some shopping bags out of these plastic flour/ grain bags for a while, so with an hour to spare the other night I decided to give it a go. Needs improvement, but it works.

There's a few more bags lying around, so I'll be making more. Eventually. They make great market bags though, and I like the looks of them. I used this one today at the supermarket and felt quite smart!

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