Sunday, January 30, 2011

A party

Josh and I are born on the same day, four years apart... uncanny.

So every year we have a great party to celebrate both our birthdays. This one might be the last one in a while!

It was great fun, we'd postponed it a week because of bad weather but it was worth it. We had a beautiful sunny day, Josh had put up lots of sails for shade, and dragged the couch outside. Everyone should have an outdoor couch!

There was plenty of food and drink, people had a good time. I always feel a bit frustrated because I never feel like I manage to catch up with everyone, but it was so nice to have all our friends around!

The kitchen and bathroom are slowly shaping up, interesting to try out the new kitchen's layout for a party, definitely ten times better than our old kitchen!

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  1. Was contemplating the view and wondering what was different. The rotary clothesline's gone!