Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Busy busy

I got a bit carried away last week sewing lots of purses. I'd seen this really cool and easy tutorial on Noodlehead and had been wanting to try it out for ages.
So I got out some fabrics and started chopping away. Next thing I know, I've made 8 of them!
I'm really happy with the result though, and I'm sure they'll all find a happy place in a nice handbag. A woman never has too many purses, and they will be great for late Xmas presents or birthday presents.

The tutorial was super easy to follow, and once the fabric is cut out it takes less than half an hour to finish the project. I had to redo the first three ones though because I started in the evening and didn't read the instructions properly, as I often do.
I might have to keep one for myself too!


  1. They look beautiful. thanks for the link too, always nice to find some new tutorials. Just made my first pleated purse, will have to post a picture, was great fun... pattern came from skiptomylou blog :)

  2. wow, you were busy! they turned out awesome, great job!