Saturday, January 1, 2011

Garden goodies

I have been a bit obsessed with my backyard in the last few months, and it's paying off! We're now right in the middle of summer, the big growing season and our garden is producing beautifully. un fortunately I wasn't very on time for planting veges such as tomatoes and cucumbers, so there aren't any to pick at the moment, but we are getting lettuce, potatoes, beans, peas, broccoli, cabbage (red and white) and carrots. We also just picked our first garlic crop, yeepee!

While Josh was away, I was very grateful to have veges available right in my backyard, it meant I didn't have to go very far to get what I needed for our meals and most of all I didn't have to cycle with shopping bags full of groceries! So hurray for gardening!

We spent New Year's eve at the beach, walked up a hill with some friends to watch the sunset. It was a bit cloudy but nice nonetheless. Afterwards we went to our friends' batch. Tahi stayed up til midnight! (he was pretty tired though)

Sunset from Makorori point

New Year's cuddles!

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