Friday, January 28, 2011

mini art journal challenge: week 42

I just realized I still haven't posted a card,  even though I made it a couple of weeks ago (and I still haven't finished last sunday's one either). I've been lying low all week, my mum arrived from France (yay!) and caught the flu en route (boo!). She was very sick for 2 days then gradually got better. Unfortunately I managed to get it too, and have been feeling pretty tired and low in energy.
Week 42: "Grateful week". That one was easy, or almost. On some days I found myself wondering what I could be grateful for! Obviously I need some practice!


  1. I love your mini art journal challenge cards. Im going to do one too now - you've inspired me...and Im going to give a set to my mum, sister and niece and ask them to join with me!

  2. Great! I'm glad people feel inspired! Definitely worth giving it a go, you never know how inspired you get and what comes out of it. I wish I'd had some friends who'd joined in, makes it easier to stick to!