Saturday, January 22, 2011


My mum arrived from Europe a few days ago with a suitcase packed with goodies (including french cheese.... eeeekkk!). Among them was a pasta maker. I'd been wanting to get one for ages so I was as excited as a child. Mmmm... if you've never tried fresh pasta you definitely have to give it a go. No comparison to the packaged stuff.
Another bonus I've been looking forward to as well is that it reduces the amount of packaging that goes through our household quite significantly.
it took me half an hour to make the dough and make the pasta in the machine for 4 people, which I don't think is too bad. There was so much pasta we couldn't even finish it all (and we are big eaters). Josh worked out it was 3 times cheaper than buying the dried packages stuff (if you buy decent quality pasta).
Now... we just need the chooks to start paying again so we can have enough eggs to make some dough!


  1. Oh that pasta looks great! Inspires me to get my pasta machine out and make some - nothing like home made, and it is so quick. The kids love to help too. And I love the Autumn Splendour Crown Lynn in your earlier post - I grew up with this set - was very popular, lots of it about.

  2. Food styling now!! So many talents, Natacha. It looks yummy.:)

  3. How lovely! So you can try my pasta with herbs and flowers (even easier than halloumi).



  4. MMm, definitely have to give it a go then!