Monday, August 30, 2010

mini art journal challenge: week 22

This week's prompt: "What would you like to learn?".
There are many things on my list, too many! I have been trying to learn mandarin chinese on and off for 10 years, very unsuccessfully since I can hardly introduce myself. My dad is chinese, speaks 5 languages, my brother is married to a chinese woman (martial arts teacher too!) and speaks fluent mandarin. I went to China several time, but never long enough to completely submerge myself and speak fluently. I have books, even an audio course on my Ipod, I've met a couple of lovely chinese ladies keen to do some conversational chinese. But I'm still at the same point. I recently met a lovely chinese mum, and we had one afternoon of "conversational" chinese so far, but time seems to slip away and I've been so tired too, I just can't find the energy. Maybe/ hopefully this card can be a good motivator!

The background is from a chinese calendar, I wrote the text with a silver pen and stuck a magazine cut out of a chinese sign. Don't ask me what it say!

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