Tuesday, August 17, 2010

mini art journal challenge: week 20

So, with a bit of delay, here is my card. The prompt this week was: "change". Again, it took me a while once I had the idea to get it on the card, it's been an interesting process. When I started this challenge 20 weeks ago, I would think about the prompt then start making the card pretty much straight away. I thought it would only get easier as the weeks past and my brain got used to the "creative" process (ooo, I feel like an artist!). Yet every week I find it harder to get the concept for my card. It feels like I'm searching deeper for the real meaning I want to give, and I'm not sure whether it is visible or not.
Change is something I never get used to, and no matter how many times my life has changed direction (willingly or not), I have always found the first step to be the hardest. And there have been some big steps involved: moving town, country, taking on or turning down a job, getting married, having babies, being a home mum. I am an optimist though, and I try to make the best of every situation. After the first step, change has always been welcome and I learned to appreciate the good outcomes (or learn from the bad ones). I like to believe things happen for a reason, and I like to make the most of it.
I also have a compulsion to change the layout of our furniture when I feel it isn't "right" (call it intuitive feng shui!), as Josh can attest. It usually comes with little warning too! A few days ago I decided I needed to move the big wardrobe in my workshop (it was taking up vital storage space and the room is invaded by fabric at the moment). So I cleaned up a bit of Josh's mess room, even though I'd sworn not to touch it. But it's not going to sort itself out by magic, so well... So I moved this piece of furniture, then realized we could use it for our bathroom renovations, saving us time and money. Great change number one!
Then when we started moving the wardrobe, we realized it was too high to get through the door. So josh took the top off. Once the wardrobe was in his room, we both looked at the top bit and decided to use it to place the sink in (the top on the piece of furniture was falling apart). Great change number two!
And as a bonus, taking out all my fabrics I found some great ones for this week's project. Not the curtains, but some storage bags for Tahi's toys (photos to come).
So there we go, I believe change is a good thing!

I wanted to make my card one that I could change, so I used a chinese game I rediscovered this week and I used to play a lot when I was younger. It's called Tangram.
The Tangram square
Today's figure: a dancing lady!

I used some colored paint swatch cards (we took some for ideas on colors for the bathroom and kitchen), cut out the shapes that make up the Tangram then put blue tack on the back. So whenever I feel like it, I can change the figure on the card. the background is a drawing of a chinese woman taken from a chinese calendar.

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