Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mini art journal challenge: week 21

This week's prompt: "your redeeming qualities/qualities you aspire towards".
Hard one. I thought for a day about this, then decided on (a few) qualities. Then I decided how I was going to put it on the card and realized they weren't all going to fit (!). I chose two, more or less randomly but that I have been thinking about lately. 
The top one reads "intelligence of the heart". My best friend came up with this theory when we were teenager that everyone one was intelligent but in different ways. When I asked her what kind of intelligence I had she answered the one I wrote above. In that, she meant that I was sensible with people, listened and observed and understood feelings I guess. Looking back on it now, I think it still makes sense, well I hope anyway!
The bottom one is a quality I think I have but I would to develop and improve. I noticed I can loose my patience with people when they are a bit "slow" to understand things, and with Tahi when he behaves in certain ways. I wish I could have infinite patience and wisdom. There is a french word, "pedagogue", that resumes it quite well I think, although in my dictionary it translates as "be a good teacher" I see it as meaning more than that.

The background is a stone wall cut out from a magazine. I used a ruler alphabet letter for the text, then sewed a heart with my sewing machine, free handed using several shades of red.

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