Friday, August 20, 2010

A baby in my tummy

Yes that's right, I am with child! Thanks to my not so subtle week 13 card ( a reminder below) a few people had already guessed. I've just passed the first trimester, so it's been 12 weeks of evasiveness or blatant lies, I kind of feel bad for the people I misled but we didn't want to get too over excited just in case...
We had our first scan last Thursday, I am the kind of person that feels reassured by seeing with my eyes the little being inside (and hearing its heart at the midwife's last week was a great surprise too!). According to the scan the baby would be due... on Valentine's day!
Anyway, I haven't got much further with my fabric organizer bags, but hopefully by next week they will be finished and ready to house Tahi's toys (it's a real mess right now, toys all over the place!). I will also have two of these bags to give away, yay!

The secret thought revealed... ok, not very subtle

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! What exciting news! :D