Thursday, August 12, 2010

The chameleon house

Our house is in shambles again, this time the bathroom and backyard are the ones getting a makeover.

Josh decided to start making our deck at the back, then thought he might as well start ripping the bathroom apart, since he's got no upcoming jobs and a bit of cash from the previous one (melting away like snow in the sun at the speed of light!). Tonight I took a bath in an empty wooden box, with a hot water cylinder for company. It felt pretty gloomy, no white walls to reflect the light!
It's been interesting removing walls, ceiling and floor. Some of the wood was rotten, everything was dusty and dirty. Most interestingly, we found out where our rats where hiding. Under the floor! I always though they nested in the ceiling while all this time they were crawling under our feet... eeeeekkkk! And even more interesting (well, sort of) was to find out they were the ones keeping our snail population time (I always thought it was the thrushes, who happily knock the snails' shells on the concrete slab until they break). There were enough snail shells under the bathroom floor to cover the whole surface when laid out flat. re-eeeeeekkkk!

That's how far Josh has got, now we're looking at cheap and stylish ways to furnish it. Hum, not that easy! Oh, and we rapidly need to make good friends with a plumber!


  1. hahaa! Looks crazy, but oh so exciting!! :)

  2. just don't let Josh near the kitchen with a hammer until he's finished what he's already started!!!