Friday, May 21, 2010

The big snuggle up

Winter has finally caught up on us, after an amazing autumn. Nights have steadily been getting cooler but the sun has warmed our days like nothing else. I was still walking around the garden wearing only a tee shirt a couple of days ago (and I hate being cold), how great is that? Meanwhile in the northern hemisphere I hear summer is not looking to good so far. My mum lives in Nice and last time we skyped she was wearing a wooly. Another friend sent me photos of a storm that left the "promenade des Anglais" (literally "the English's walkway") looking not so French Riviera. He said it would prove wrong anyone who claimed the Mediterranean wasn't a sea!

Anyway, with colder days I am not so motivated to spend my few free hours in the evening sewing in a cold room, so my shop hasn't been updated for a while and I haven't produced much apart from custom orders. I have been lacking the  motivation and the combination of cold weather and shorter days makes the weeks fly by with not much to show for. I also have been working on my first patchwork project ever.
We decided to make woolen blanket curtains to try and keep the heat in (cheaper than investing in double glazing) and I didn't want them to look ugly. I've got eight panels to make (for 4 windows) and the first ones are looking great. I have just run out of blankets though and it's getting harder to find some now.
Having never made curtains before, I felt a bit daunted by getting the measurements wrong and how much supplies I'd need but luckily I found a great tutorial in on of the World Sweet World magazine I have at home. Sadly there are no more coming issues of this little gem, but the great thing is they kept the website and blog running and they recently posted that same tutorial. how very timely and nice of them.


  1. What a great idea! I looks like it would make a gorgeous lap quilt too. Having never made curtains either, I understand :)

  2. I love your use of blankets, how superb. I'm impressed that you could find so many nice ones as well. Just great, they'll hopefully snug the place up a bit.