Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A drop of lemon in your earl grey?

Is what I'll feel like saying the day I use this tea set! It's got this typical english tea set look. The pretty pink flowers, the fine china, the scalloped edging. It's made in England by the Johnson Bros. The service is called Margaret Rose, from WindsorWare (as stamped on the bottom of the teapot). I did a little bit of online research and found an Etsy seller, VintageHand,  that had a bowl of the same style for sale. You can read a bit of the history behind this set.
It's in perfect condition, not one scratch or chip, doesn't even look like it's been used! I was so stoked when I saw this at one of our local op shops... I just had to buy it. I've stored it away for now, too scared that Tahi or Josh might break something (Tahi is notorious for breaking teapots in this house and Josh is not the gentlest person when it comes to washing dishes). I decided to wait until we do up the kitchen next year before taking it out... Oh I can't wait!


  1. ooh so pretty! I have a clumsy husband too so can't have nice things floating around for fear of him breaking them! I blame his height for making him clumsy - he's not too tall though.