Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Finding help online

How do you feel about marketing yourself to the World Wide Web? Lost? Confused? Clueless?
Since I opened my Etsy shop over a year ago and then started this blog a year later, I have spent hours surfing the net, checking out websites, shop and blog. And to think that I might only have seen a tiny fraction of what is available on this network! It reminds me that this is probably the case when it comes to my Etsy shop and this blog too.
So how do you get more exposure? Reach the people you will love what you do?
Well, I have no magic answer but finding blogs such as Scoutie Girl are a real godsend for grommets like me. It is a blog about all things handmade, what the author likes but also how creative people can use the technology available to them to promote what they do, or in the case of this post, what impact the internet has on creativity. The blog's author,
tara, has written a few guest posts recently that I'd definitely recommend: read the one in the DailyWorth (another great one to bookmark), the one on Problogger or her interview on CarmenTorbus.
Tara has also put together a digital zine titled "The kick the door down project", entirely downloadable for FREE and  "compiling the stories of creators who have broken through obstacles – mental, physical, and situational – to live the lives they’ve dreamed of. some are living those dreams and others are still on their journey. we can learn from them all."
If you'd like to find out more about it, read the full post here and download the file!

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