Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mini art journal challenge: week 5

I haven't had much time to blog this week... We are back in Gisborne, our week was filled with playcentre days, swimming, gardening, sewing. And there we are, it's sunday again.
I have been making some pants for Tahi's cousin Clementine, after her mum saw Tahi's great woolen patchwork pants she wanted some as well. And I've also been making little merino baby singlets and sleeping gowns for Josh's other sister Ruth who is due in a few weeks. They turned out great. Now I just need to get my act together and get some screens prepped so I can screen print them. Photos on a soon to come post.
On another note, here's my card of the week. The prompt was: "Some ephemera from your week". Emily, the instigator of this challenge, had been traveling/ working in Paris, so her card looked very cool, with a metro ticket and other typical Paris stuff. Unfortunately, we were in Wellington last week and I didn't keep much from the trip. I have been collecting train tickets from Wellington for a while but Tahi lost the two we bought on this trip. So this week I had the option of sticking receipts or fabric on my card, since that is all I've been doing! I chose the latter.

I took out some fabrics scraps from some of the fabrics I've been using this week, cut little squares out of them then glued them on the card in a patchwork style. Then I straight stitched the sides to make it look like a quilt, and left a bit of the thread sticking out of the card. Finally I sewed a line of white buttons at the bottom, and one red button on the finished quilt.

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  1. that is such a cute patchwork card- love it!