Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cool blog Mondays

I have a folder full of very cool blogs in my bookmarks, it's time I shared the links.
It's amazing how one site will take you to the other and how you discover little gems. Etsy is a great place for that, with all those talented people crafting away usually blogging as well. I've been getting the Etsy finds email as well, and this morning it was inspired by Anja Mulder' s photos of her appartment. I just love the beautiful bold colors, all the cute and quirky little and big objects arranged around the house. It looks like a home, not a magazine one, although it's definitely tidier than ours! And the photos are great too, they remind me a bit of my friend Louise's style.

Anyway, it's so inspiring to see how people live and put life into a house. I feel like a total makeover of ours. Well, our makeover is actually happening very slowly. Every time some friends visit, they look around and say "something's different". Since we are not exactly earning lots of money, we have to take things slowly and live in a constant "work in progress" state. It's nice in a way, every time we get something done, it feels like we're moving into a new home, without the packing and unpacking nightmare.
My contemplations took me to Anja's blog and to another one (where she was featured) with similar colorful/ playful styles: Ninainvrom.
So now all I want to do is take cool pictures of our cool bits of the house! Coming soon...

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