Sunday, May 16, 2010

mini art journal challenge: week 7

I only had time to do my card yesterday. I had the idea pretty early on but never got round to doing it. Josh collected a whole lot of doll from a job a few years back, so I wanted to use the shoes from one of them. I originally wanted to do something about Toms shoes, where every time you buy a pair of shoes they give a pair to a child that can't afford to buy some, it's called One for one. I love that idea and I bought some last year from a shop in Melbourne. Unfortunately, you can't order online unless you live in the US, Canada or England (although there is a shop in Auckland that imports some). Hopefully that will change. I love brands like that because they help us be better and more conscious shoppers.
Back to my card, in the end I decided to do the anatomy of a shoe!

The background is a cut out picture from a magazine, painted over with white. I used two shoes, one cut in half lengthwise the other cut in half along the sole. Then I sewed them on card and wrote some stuff around it. Pretty simple!

On another note, we almost saw a monarch butterfly come out of its cocoon! Here's a picture a it just after he'd got out. 

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