Saturday, August 13, 2011

The beauty of homemade

Remember my recipe for oat crackers? I mentioned they were inspired by Nairn's oat crackers. Well, my memory of them anyway.
Well, the other day at the supermarket Tahi claimed he was hungry (must be all that colorful packaging rolling before his eyes), and I didn't really want to buy some snack but then I happened to be passing by the very Nairn's oat crackers, so I thought I should give them a go and see how they compared to my recipe.
I don't usually buy something without having a proper look at the ingredients list. It's become a habit. I try to avoid food coloring, food enhancer (i.e. monosodium glutamate), palm oil, anything with numbers or unpronounceable names. This time I didn't, I just grabbed it. What can I say? It was an impulsive buy motivated by curiosity and necessity (feeding a hungry boy).
When I got into the car and opened it to give some to the said boy, I realized there were four packet individually wrapped in plastic. overpackaging, bad points in our family. Plus the fact that it is baked in Scotland, hello food miles!

Then when I got home I looked at the back and realized there were far more ingredients than in my recipe, including palm oil. Eeek! Then I read the bottom and saw they use palm oil from a sustainable source, OK not so bad after all. But still. Inverted syrup, potato starch, soya lecithin (doesn't say wheter it's GM or not)... I mean, when you read a recipe in a cook book, these ingredients are never called for, right? So what do they do? Where do they come from? When I came up with my recipe I didn't even think I would need more than flour, oats, salt and butter or oil. I can see why they add sugar, although I'm no fan of that, but the rest?
Anyway, ingredients list aside, I tasted them and to be honest I prefer my simple homemade recipe waaaayy more. It's my honest opinion and I'm not even tempted to buy Nairn's ones anymore.

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