Thursday, August 11, 2011

urban bouquets

Spring is just around the corner, or it feels like it when walking the streets of Gisborne!

The jasmine in our garden is flowering. It is considered a weed in New Zealand, but I personally love it. A bunch of the delicate white flowers in a room provides a beautiful fresh fragrance, better than any spray!
On the list of "weeds" in New Zealand: jasmine. 
 The streets are filled with flowering camelias, and the magnolias are blossoming too, it's a pink fest. About the only time I love pink (I've never been a huge pink lover. Blame it on my tomboy-ishness!).

Tahi insisted on being in the photo, along with the grapefruit we picked

If I had the inclination and the time to paint, I'd give this "nature morte" a go. If.


  1. I agree - jasmine is yummy! Shame it's considered a weed, I didn't know this! I'm surprised that palmy is showing signs of spring too, were usually a little behind comparedto the sunny north :)

  2. Isn't it crazy? It was 17º yesterday in Gisborne...