Wednesday, August 17, 2011

my creative space

Working a on a few things, including some new stuff for my shop, exciting! I feel like I'm going forward at the moment, nice feeling, although at a somewhat slower than snail pace. None the less, things are getting done. I finally got round to getting a couple of new designs on screen, including a dinosaur for Tahi (he's been asking for one for at least 6 months!).
I decided a few months ago that I really ought to get rid of some fabric before I can justify buying any more, so I'm slowly but surely working through my stash and actually sewing instead of buying new fabric with projects in mind that never get done. Good to de-clutter every now and then, and as a result I think my productivity is rising... Now the question is: what can I go shopping for?

Adult stuff! Women's top

New screen print design: a bee with a gas mask...

More creative goodness here!

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  1. I always think it feels really good to use up the fabrics you have instead of buying more..very satisfying!