Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An afternoon in the garden

I've managed to spend more time in the garden lately, and with the warming weather I've very keen to get ready for spring and summer planting! The garden is loving the extra warmth and sunshine, everything seems to have picked up and things are starting to grow again.
So I've been tidying up the broad beans (and discovered we've already got some beautiful green pods growing!), we dug out a whole new lane, got a trailer load of horse manure and spread it on the said lane and on the border (this year I want a nice flower border as well as some veges), I even managed to get some weeding done! Next thing you know I will be spraying liquid fertilizer, which I haven't done in 6 months probably. i discovered that Miro is very happy sitting in the push chair watching the dog and chooks and even puts himself to sleep when he's tired. This has been great because it means I can get lots done (a baby in a front pack is not ideal for anything that involves digging, bending down, etc and Miro hates being carried on my back). So there, my hopes of having a decent garden by summer are not in vain. Yet.

What do you do with fabric scraps? You tie your veges.

From unruly broad beans to tidy garden

Our first broad beans! 

Yum! This one is definitely edible


My new favorite root vegetable: swede

Broccoli and broad beans, they seem to like growing next to each other

The new garden bed (foreground)

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