Saturday, October 30, 2010

Summer at the beach

Days can get pretty sunny and hot. And the sun is dangerous in New Zealand. There has been a hole in the ozone over New Zealand for a while, which means sun rays are not filtered as they usually are by this protective layer. So if you are living or traveling here, you've got to be very careful and splatter that sticky sunscreen over you thoroughly if you don't want to get sunburnt. A lot of people have commented on how they were surprised by the strength of the sun here!
Tahi's not very keen on putting sunscreen on, he just wants to run outside and play. So I made some kaftan style long sleeve tops with some light cotton fabric scraps I'd bought a while ago. Unfortunately I gave one away to a friend's daughter who really liked it and forgot to take pictures (a real bummer because she just looked sooo cute!), and I haven't got Tahi to wear the other top I made yet. So here are just some pics of the remaining top on a white background (and I didn't iron it, duh!). I am planning on making a couple more for him, and possibly another one for a friend's son's birthday we missed, so there will be more photos to come.

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