Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mini art journal challenge: weeks 27 and 28

I'm back, but only for a short while. Josh is going back to Wellington for work in less than three weeks. Better get busy posting!
Catching up on some cards, here are the last two.
Week 27: "Junk mail". We all get it, and we all know it piles up no matter how much we try to limit it. I hate it, I can't help thinking about landfills whenever I have something that is going in the bin. I try to throw away as little as possible and reuse most junk, but the truth is, it will end up in a landfill at some stage, I'm just buying it more time. A friend told me recently about a guy in the South island who came up with a machine that can turn plastic into bricks, what a great invention! Read more about it here.
Here's what I came up with.

Week 28: "Goal of the week". That one was easy to come up with, since we were away for a couple of weeks and the garden was really in need of a makeover! This being spring and all, everything is growing at a faster rate and it is the time to get the garden ready for summer. So a lot of work! Luckily my little helper was here and we had a week of good weather (followed by a terrible one). Still a lot to do, but getting there. Over the week end, we all went for a mission to the beach to get some seaweed and sand, and we've got a new horse next door, so Tahi and I will soon be going there with the wheelbarrow to pick up all his poos!
I used an old dishwashing glove and cut strips which I sewed onto the card to give a grassy effect to my card. Then I sewed some colored buttons to represent some flowers!

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