Saturday, October 23, 2010

mini art journal challenge: weeks 25 and 29

Week 25 was "a photo that means something to you". Since I don't use my film camera that much anymore and we use a little digital camera instead, I chose one that was taken with the said digital and it took me ages to sort out the printing side of it. But here it is. One photo, no need to comment I think...

Week 29: "Define perfection". I can't see anything more perfect than nature. I have so many times been in awe of what nature can produce and how everything seems to have its own purpose, from the smallest microbe to the cycle of life itself. Nothing is wasted, everything has its place and the slightest change can bring everything off balance. Have you ever looked closely at an orchid or any other flower? There's millions of years of trial and error, natural selection to get to what we see, smell, taste and hear today. In my world, nature knows best.

I used a photo of a flower taken from a magazine, then cut out some letters from another picture and used a silver paste type pen to make the contour.

1 comment:

  1. Very creative! The first photo is great. You're right, no comment is necessary to describe this. The parental love is so evident.