Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mini art journal challenge: week 26

I realize this challenge is getting a bit messy and might be confusing. I haven't missed a number, but I am still working on week 26 card, so I'll get back to it when I sort it out.
This week's prompt: "Celebrating daughters..."
Ok, so I don't have a daughter - yet- and I didn't feel like celebrating myself as a daughter, so I decided to broaden the theme and make a card about women, or at least my idea of what a woman is. I grew up a tom boy, lived in jeans and tee shirts until a few years ago, and cherished my independence. I realized last year my vision of what it is to be a woman was changing. I'm not one for accessories, shelves and shelves of shoes, but I do like clothes. In the past few years I don't feel so awkward wearing skirts and dresses, I even like feeling sexy.
When I was living in Paris I always found that women there had a certain aura, they felt so superior in their femininity and I admire that. A bit like the women in Almodovar's movies.
Being a modern woman, I feel, is so different to what it meant 50 years ago. Nowadays a woman can be pretty much anything, even a man. There is no stereotype, no preconceived idea of what a woman should be. My card is an attempt to express what this modern woman is about: she has inherited ideas from the past and adapted them to her own needs, drawn on what is relevant to her. She is independent, strong but still feminine and very desirable.

I used a picture from a magazine representing a smiling 60s woman as a background, then cut out a piece of scrap lace fabric to make up a dress. I tried to get a similar pose to that of the Gitane cigarettes lady, if anyone remembers her. I always thought she looked mysterious and sexy (what a message to smokers!).

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