Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My creative space

I tried a new technique: shirring. I was always curious as to how to get that cool effect, and I was surprised to see how simple it is. There's a good video tutorial here on Grosgrain ( and check out her Halloween costume giveaway while you're there!)

I have also been rearranging parts of the house... sort of. The thing with living in a house in constant change is that there are a  lot of transitional states that can last quite a while. Our bathroom and kitchen have been in that mode for a few months now. The bathroom is not much more than a building site and the kitchen is awaiting restructuring, and there are boxes of food lying around along one of the walls. The problem with these in between phases is that we end up living in a mess. Now I'm not particularly a clean freak or anything but I like some sort of order. Especially when we have all sorts of cats and mice and toddlers walking around. So I upgraded the kitchen from transitional building site to student flat, and it makes me feel a bit better! I used some bits and pieces found in the garage, including one of josh's beer crates. He wasn't very happy about that but I said he could only have it back if he found something similar to use. We all know bribery works best most of the time, so now I'm hoping it can only get better! (either he swaps it or he upgrades the kitchen completely, no more cardboard boxes on the floor).

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  1. Argh that must be driving you crazy. Good one with bribery. Works wonders!! Hope your kitchen is sorted soon.