Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some catching up

While we were living the simple life away from technology I got crafty and did a bit of sewing. Some for Tahi, some for myself and some for selling.
I'm all about comfort, and I could live in loose tee shirts and track pants type pants all year round if it wasn't for my need for more style. The problem with op shops is that it's very hard to find nice comfortable pants that don't look like your grandma's. So well I resort to getting the grandma type pants and use my sewing machine to get them looking decent. Even in my own house I wouldn't go as far as wearing that totally doesn't suit me.
I found a pair of XXXL (yes!) track pants brand new, tag still on, at our local op shop. The fabric is bamboo, which is sooooft and so comfortable to wear. So I bought it and used a pair of pants that fit me as a pattern. I'm pretty happy with the result!
XXXL= a lot of fabric!

Lounge around pants in action... and the growing bump!

I did the same with another pair, some stripy white and red cotton from Country road that were very unflattering and a bit too big. So now I've got two comfy pairs of pants to wear around home all that for not more than $10! Yipee!!!

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