Saturday, October 23, 2010

Growing child

Here's what Tahi's been up to lately:

- Learning to cycle. Some friends gave us a little bike that just needed a couple of learner wheels. Tahi took to it straight away and loves going cycling. We usually go around the block in the evenings and spend some time playing at the Marae (maori meeting house) behind our house.

- A new obsession: dinosaurs. After planes and skateboards, this is the new subject of interest. I'm not sure how it all started or how the first spark of interest might have occurred. We have nothing at home relating to dinosaurs, all I can think of is the ones he plays with at playcentre. How he worked out they were different from the other plastic animals there I have no idea! It started a few months ago, and now we have a pile of books from the library and Tahi's granny on the subject, managed to find some little dinosaurs at a local op shop and Josh even bought him a big one called Giganotosaurus. I have never known so much about prehistoric animals until now. Feels like being back at school but in a good way!

- Taking interest in his surroundings. We had a couple of camping trips, sleeping the three of us in a tent. What a nice way to discover new places. We also saw a steam train, that was up in Gizzy from Wellington. It was beautifully restored but very noisy! Tahi loved it but was too intimidated to go in the engine room.

- We have also been enjoying the garden, with its beautiful flowers coming out!

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