Monday, April 5, 2010

Winter wardrobe

I've decided to make some new clothes for Tahi, since winter is coming and he's slowly growing out of the ones he's wearing now. I also feel bad about not making more clothes for him, since that was what first inspired me to set up my little Etsy shop . I love seeing him in what I make, especially because I make them with him in mind. And also because they are what will be left of this "making" spurt when he grows old, my own handmade heirlooms that he will hopefully pass on to his kids or cherish for what they represent. Here are my latest creations from the sewing room, with a couple more pairs of pants to come. I made three singlets out of some very nice lightweight merino (bought on TradeMe) and some canvas pants.

One side of the pants are from an upcycled pair of adult pants (the dark material) and still have the original pockets, and the other side is a piece of light grey wool suiting. I used some real feathers to do the prints, which is why they are all different. It was great to finally try using a new medium and I'm very happy with the result. I have some screens that are just waiting to be cleaned and used, and I'm hoping soon I will have the funds to start screen printing this design and others on my creations.

I sometimes wonder when I will have time to make things for me, but that's unfortunately at the bottom of my list at the moment. Here are the top five:
- Fuse plastic (About 6 or 7 shopping bags of plastic in the garage waiting to be fused, I'm amazed at how much goes through a household, even when being careful)
- get the vege garden ready for winter
- Winter clothes for Tahi
- re-upholster our lounge suite (photos to come soon)
- An evening dress or other present for my best friend's wedding

I found a comment on an older post today from a lovely woman who started a blog called Kiwi Mummy Blog , asking if I wanted to be included in the list of "mother bloggers". It's a great initiative so of course I said yes!

Tahi's granny is visiting from Auckland and spending a week with us. It always makes us feel special when people choose to spend their holidays with us! (even though she really is doing it to see her grandson!) Josh and I are looking forward to sneaking out to see Boy at the movies. I've never appreciated dates so much than now that I have a kid.
And finally, Tahi and I have been keeping an eye on our swan plant, and finally spotted on big caterpillar, and a few other smaller ones!

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