Wednesday, April 21, 2010

And the world keeps turning

We're in Wellington. We travelled down from Whangamata a couple of days ago, stopped over in Taupo. We'd booked a room at the Rainbow lodge backpackers , cooked some pasta in their big kitchen/lounge. Tahi was in great shape and glad to be out of the car. We all managed to squeeze in their double bed and have a decent sleep. When Tahi was younger and we were co sleeping in one bed (he now has a little bed next to me) it seemed he would take up half the bed space by spreading his arms and legs and rolling to the middle.
The bedroom had nothing out of the ordinary, although it was nice to have some nice clean bed sheets. I spent a few minutes taking photos of the bathroom window, I loved the look of it.

The next morning we had a quick stroll in town, a lovely breakfast at Replete then packed the car and got on the road for the biggest stretch of our trip... I like traveling and getting places but being in the car for 7 or so hours with a 2 year old always makes me a bit nervous. Luckily Tahi is great, and he usually keeps it together until the last half hour of our road trips!

I met up with Gosia from KowTow yesterday afternoon and had a sneak preview of their new line... there's some lovely stuff in there! I love the designs, the colors, the prints and the philosophy. Gosia spent some time in India a few months ago, checking out the factory that manufactures their clothes and also the cotton fields that provide them with beautiful organic cotton (you can check out they cool video there too). I don't know if that many business owners would do that, but it's great to see that take on full responsibility for what they make.
Here's a picture of my favorite one!

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