Sunday, April 11, 2010

mini art journal challenge: week 2

This week's prompt: "what is powerful to you?"

It's been another very busy week, I sat down to do my little card at 9pm tonight, it felt very nice to press "pause"!
We're off on Tuedsay, Josh is working in Whangamata. I'm taking enough reading for two months, my art folder to do the mini art journal challenge and a drawing book. By now I should know that half this stuff won't even come out of the bag but I am an eternal optimistic!

I also wanted to post a photo of Tahi swimming. He's going to swimming lessons for about a year now and he is now so confident in the water he'll go under no problem and often want to try to swim on his own (with the help of floaters). It's great to see him having so much fun and reassuring to know he doesn't panic. There have been a few times at the beach this summer where he fell in the water or a wave caught him, but we knew he was fine. Knowing what to do underwater is so crucial, it gives us those extra seconds to react and helps him keep his calm. There was one time where I was holding him and a wave caught us, we tumbled underwater for a few seconds before coming back out. I was holding him tight, but I knew he'd be alright. When we came back out, he was upset but hadn't drank any water and got over pretty quick.

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