Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mini art journal challenge: week 1

Finally! I've been meaning to start for months, it's always the first step that seems to take ages. This "art journal challenge " was suggested to me by a woman I met on the net (we are both ECers and she has an awesome blog called Tribal baby). It took me a few weeks to find a deck of cards at the op shop, then a couple of months to get my stuff together and decide that sunday was going to be my "art day", no matter what... well, apart from last week end where we went camping! Then I got the cards ready, just with some white paint for most of them and decorated a few for less inspired sundays.

This week's prompt was: Something you are proud of... So here it is, I'm not super happy with the result but it's a start, I'm sure I'll get more inspired as I go.

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