Friday, April 16, 2010

Beachy post

We've been in Whangamata for a few days now, and all I've been doing is looking after Tahi. No sewing, not even any reading, no business planning, nothing. It definitely feels like a holiday, although with all the ideas I've got in my head I always look forward to getting back into my little workshop.
Josh is working hard, on his job during the day and over the week end any spare time is spent doing the 48hr challenge. Hard work! This year, since he's away and working over the week end, he can't be as involved as he'd like to, but he is very dedicated and has been talking on the phone to his friends, spent some time on the computer last night writing a script... If you havent seen any, check out his other 48hr films: alienses, Le dernier jour de Tony, Amazing world of sticks.
Tahi has been very clingy. He came down with foot and mouth on our first day here. It sound and looks more awful than it is, but he is still out of sorts and really needing attention... He has been sleeping terribly, and has ulcers in his mouth, so he's finding it hard to eat much and has gone back to napping in the afternoon (that's actually nice!). So we just take it easy, walk to the beach at least twice a day (it's two minutes walk from where we're staying) and he has a little skateboard in the driveway, read some books and play silly games.


  1. Poor wee man, but I do hope not! In NZ, a 'foot and mouth' case would have our Ministry of Agriculture and every farmer in the country in a high state of agitation - you'd all be quarantined at the very least!! I think we call the human infection 'mouth and foot' here... ;) Glad you can still feel in holiday mode, Natacha. Liz

  2. It's called hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD):