Friday, October 28, 2011

spring goodies

Yummy goodness from the garden, spring salad of broad beans, rocket, lettuce, celery leaves, avocado and haloumi (made using this recipe).

I also absolutely had to share this great juice recipe. A couple of weeks ago I went to a "know your weeds" workshop, held by Isla Burgess. It was a great introduction to knowing what "weeds" grow around us, I have been looking at our garden with a new eye. One recipe I tried and really love is a juice made with cleavers. Cleavers is a "weed" found in almost any garden here, and it seems to grow quite prolifically as well. It is full of good minerals, especially silica (which is what makes it "sticky"). While browsing to find a good photo of it, I found this website that also explains what the health benefits are. That much goodness and free to top it all, how could I resist.
Cleavers (photo from here)
The juice itself is really refreshing and tastes a bit like watermelon. I sometimes add a dash of honey, or just drink it as it is. I even tried it in a smoothie with banana and yoghurt, and Tahi liked it.

It's very easy to prepare, just grab a good big handful, put it in a pot with a bit of water at the bottom and pound it. The water turns dark green. I pour the liquid into a jar, fill it right up with water then add honey. Try it, you won't be disappointed!

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