Wednesday, October 12, 2011

my creative space

My sewing machine broke down last night. Well actually, the motor did. It's a semi industrial, so the motor is a separate entity altogether, placed under the sewing table. Maybe that's a good thing, in case I have to change it... I'm a bit nervous though. I dismantled it last night after I heard a big "pouf" coming from underneath, saw a flash of light and the cap at bottom came off. It blew the fuse. Pretty impressive. I had been having trouble with the motor for a little while, it was definitely due for a check up. In the meantime I'll be cutting up a storm I guess. Or not!
Fortunately the breakdown happened after I'd finished making some clothes for my best friend's little boy, I was quite keen to send her a parcel (she lives in Germany) before her son grows out of the clothes I made him. She's been ECing him from birth so I decided to make her some special EC pants. From top to bottom, the traditional split crotch pants, and my two designs: the flip flap and the trapdoor EC Pants. I hadn't made any in ages so it was nice to go through some old patterns. The split crotch pants turned out better than I expected and look very cute. All three are made for winter wearing, since it's Autumn in Europe and only getting colder from here. I hope she likes them!

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  1. Oh they are just perfect! LOVE.

  2. I love love love the pants. Great style for sure. I must be thick as a plank though because I can't work out "ECing" ... I just called in the partner to help me work it out because of my baby brain but he was no help either... so what is "ECing"? (sorry!)