Monday, October 24, 2011

Kids' bean bag; Who won?

OK, so I was expecting a bit more enthusiasm for bean bags, but hey, good for the 3 people who entered the giveaway! Maybe you all have bean bags already, or is it I scared everyone with my struggle to fill the bean bag? Or perhaps the perspective of having to make the bag that goes inside... Ah well, it would be good to know before I have another giveaway.
So I used to choose the winner, congratulations knightlight! Please leave a comment with you email address?
On another note, the All Black are world champions! Wow, well done, although I have to say the french played very well and probably better than the kiwis. As my friend said when I told them the french play better under pressure: "pressure makes diamonds". True that.
And here's what Tahi and I have been doing lately...

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