Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How we move

When Miro was born I started looking for a bike trailer so I could take both kids along. We love it, and last week went for a picnic at the botanical gardens. Kids in the trailer, food and picnic blanket at the back and off we went! For the story, it ended up raining so we had lunch at a friend's, but we did go to the botanical gardens afterwards.

We're gearing up for summer at home as well, with a nearly there almost finished bathroom (a year after Josh first started taking it apart), and a new outdoors couch/ dog bed. The couch is in the corner of the deck that gets the most shade in summer and when sitting down you have a great view of Kaiti hill and our garden. Neat.
Outdoor lounge area

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  1. wow this is amazing!!!!! thankyou so much for our bean bag it arrived today :)