Wednesday, November 30, 2011

my creative space

It seems all I have time to write about is what I make. And it's not looking like any extra time is coming my way any time soon. With 2 weeks and a bit before the Christmas market and a whole lot of new people wanting to book a stall, I'm busier than ever!

Hello! What am I?

Nice, roomy and cosy...

I spent quite a bit of time sewing last week though, and since making kids' clothes was going to take too much time, I decided to shift focus and make easy fast things with an emphasis on summer and picnics. I had a pile of vintage tea towels waiting for their turn... most of them ended up as cutlery holders, some others as snack bags. They came out great and had lots of success at the Art mart. So now I've got a couple of weeks to make a few more (and finish some custom orders).

Kiwiana tea towel turned into a snack bag
More snack bags, made from coffee sacks this time
Isn't this Pukeko cute?

This one has to be my favorite cutlery holder. If it doesn't sell I might have to keep it.

More creative goodness here.


  1. Hi Natasha, love the snack bags what a brilliant idea. Good luck for the christmas market!! I wish I could join but but I really want to focus on creating for us this year. I would love to join next year if you do it again :) I will come and support the market as a customer this time, see you there :D

  2. Your vintage tea towel creations look amazing. I have collected a fair few. I've made a couple of cushions so far, and I think i'll have to make a few snack bags and cutlery rolls now too. x

  3. Some great sewing there....hope the market goes well. they take so much prep to do but you have some lovely things to sell.