Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Too sexy for my bedsocks

I can sleep pretty much anywhere: plane, train, boat, in a bright sunny room and with a traffic jam outside my window. I've slept in a house that was near an airport with planes taking off early in the morning til late at night. Heck, we live on a street that sees logging trucks go past from 3 or 4am in the morning. I'm a deep sleeper. But I can't sleep if I've got cold feet. Impossible. And in winter my feet are cold pretty much all the time, especially when I hop into bed.
So I made bed socks. I did. And I found out that no matter how hard I try, they never look sexy. But hey, at least I can sleep!

Keeping with the warm and practical for winter theme, I also made a tube scarf. Because I can never wear a normal scarf without it falling over one shoulder or another or getting entangled.

This one is made using a strip off an upcycled wooly top, and lined with some beautiful african wax fabric I bought off a friend.

The bonus with this style is that I can also wear it as a hood. Nice.

Oh, and I've been experimenting with hand sewn thread, I like it.

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